Thứ Hai, 27 tháng 2, 2017

One bedroom apartment for rent near West lake, Tay Ho, Cheap Price - 400$/month.

The apartment building in Hanoi for rent located in a peaceful area, walking distance to the Westlake. Each customer has a private key to open and lock the gate of the building.
With a spacious space and reasonable price, modern amenities
this apartment rental in Tay Ho is suitable for people on business or travel.
- Designed with modern architecture, attracted interior.
- wooden floor, balcony available.
- An open living room with leather sofa, coffee table, TV LCD.
- A simple but functional kitchen: fridge, stove, cooking appliances, a dining table with 2 chairs.
- 1 spacious bedroom with queen size bed, wardrobe, bedding, working table.
- 1 fully equipped bathroom: shower, basin, toilet..
To contact for more information:
Phone +84 904 333 498, +84 904 273 49
Email :

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