Thứ Sáu, 17 tháng 3, 2017

West Lake View One Bedroom Apartment Rental in Tay Ho,Hanoi.

This beautiful apartments for rent in Tay Ho with lake view. Each room is very bright and airy, 80 sqm of usable area. Balcony available from living room. You can sit or stand to enjoy the landscape anytime you want. Long term contract is prefer in this building.
The amenities of this apartment rental Hanoi includes :
- Designed with modern architecture, attracted interior, natural wooden floor.
- The open living room with a set of comfortable sofa, plasma TV, coffee table, dining table and 4 seats.
- A separated kitchen, private washing machine.
- Quiet bedroom with queen size bed, big window.
- A fully equipped bathroom adjacent to the bedroom: shower, toilet, basin
To contact for more information:
Phone  +84 904 333 498, +84 904 273 49

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